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Check out these pictures Chris took today. Chris and I grew up around some of the best bird watching in the country. I just thought it was normal to see bald eagles on a regular basis, but apparently that is not the norm. Enjoy! (p.s…. I enjoyed making silly captions/impersonations of the birds… particularly the […]

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Christmas Day

Merry Christmas everyone! We had a great day today. My parents joined us at the Becerra’s for breakfast. There was tons of eating (too much), playing, napping, Christmas music singing, walks, and game playing. The weather was beautiful today, which is pretty special for Christmas day. We got plenty of good old fashioned vitamin D […]

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Sarabeth - December 27, 2013 - 2:29 pm

Sofia looks more and more like you all the time, I think!

kara - December 28, 2013 - 9:16 pm

That’s the word on the street :)

Christmas Eve

There will be a picture overload this break friends. We had a really fun Christmas Eve birdwatching with my family and then spending the rest of the day celebrating with Chris’ family.

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We want on a walk awhile back with our friends the Palmers. Miriam is in love with their little daughter Jane. I’m grateful  to have such down to earth and kind friends in Corvallis.    

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Feeling Good

A few months ago, I joined one of the local gyms. I’ve never  really been a gym going kind of gal. In fact, for the last 15 + years, running really has been my main and sometimes only source of exercise. One of my incentives for joining the gym was because I don’t feel like […]

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Carrie - December 5, 2013 - 2:41 pm

Your post was very timely, Kara, as my cousin posted a link to this article entitled, “Why Guilt Is Bad for Your Weight Loss Goals,” online today:

I always love your nutrition/workout posts – they are very inspiring. Right now, I just cannot get to the gym in the mornings (perhaps if I had a workout buddy, I would though – those are the best!!), but the evenings and weekends seem to allow me more time to get in a run or yoga class. My biggest workout accomplishment lately is running in our local Thanksgiving Turkey Trot last week – the entire 10K – in just over an hour. I felt pretty good for doing that, without stopping, at 23 weeks pregnant!

kara - December 6, 2013 - 7:11 am

Thanks for the article. And this is why diets in general most times don’t end up working for people to keep off weight in the long run. Doing things because of guilt just doesn’t work. Awesome job on keeping up the exercise up during pregnancy. That is another time when I usually got out of shape! It will make it easier for you to exercise again after you have the baby!1