Ear Piercing and Tooth Growing

Check out the new tooth. We have one losing teeth and one growing teeth.

Miriam is growing and changing so much right now. Here is what’s going on with our little Miram berry.

  • She is almost 7 months old and 22lbs.
  • She has her first tooth and another one coming in.
  • She is trying a lot more solid foods. She is a huge fan of sweet potatoes and carrots.
  • She is sitting up and beginning to get on all fours like she will be crawling within the next month.
  • She is into staying up way too late right now. When school starts, I am definitely going to work on that.
  • She got her ears pierced a few days ago. We had Sofia’s ears pierced around the same time too. When do you all pierce your little girl’s ears? If you have more than one girl, have you done it at the same age/stage with all of them? I’m sure that there are many varying opinions on the topic!
  • She is still always wanting to be held, but she is the sweetest little gal ever. She is a doll!
Kelly - August 13, 2011 - 8:22 am

What a cutie! Her eyes are just amazing.

kara - August 13, 2011 - 11:52 am

Thanks Kelly! We think that they are pretty lovely as well :).

Amanda N - August 13, 2011 - 10:40 pm

Jeff vetoed me from piercing Sophie’s ears so I will get back to you on that one. Miriam is adorable…she’s looking so much bigger.

juliette - August 15, 2011 - 7:01 pm

Cute! I love baby girls with pierced ears but I forgot to stick it to Noel. Now I can wait and use it as a major bribe (if she wants to do it someday).

adrienne w - August 16, 2011 - 10:24 am

She’s so cute! I have pretty sensitive ears and had a lot of infections from pierced ears when I was a kid, so I want to wait until my girls are old enough to care for them. When my daughters show an interest we will discuss it. I do think babies look cute with them, though.

Amy Swor - August 17, 2011 - 10:27 am


Was searching for my GF’s blog and came across yours. Started reading and came to the entry where you pierced your dd’s ears and asking other moms about what age they did their dd’s. Think you’re a smart mommy for piercing your girls early. Promise they’ll thank you later when the other little girls in preschool see their pretty earrings and are envious of theirs.

When I took our dd to her 2 mos appt and shots, her pediatrician asked me if we were getting her ears pierced…I was thinking maybe around 2 or 3. She then told me that the best time is now or when she is out of the toddler/preschool stage. She said that little toddlers and preschoolers come in with infections because they constantly play with them and it is harder for them to sit still to let the parents clean the ears.

Admittedly, I hadn’t even thought about it so I called dh who said if the ped recommended it, then it was fine to go ahead and have it done now after her DTap shots. Subconsciously, I secretly knew I wanted her ears pierced, but didn’t think dh would want it done so young. Also, I had been admiring some of the babies and cute little girls in the ped’s waiting room with little earrings and wondered how Sandi would look with them. In a spur of the moment decision, I told the ped’s nurse I wanted to have her ears pierced today!

So….we decided to do it at 2 months. She cried when we got them done, but as soon as I stood up with her and we walked to the register she had stopped!! She is even more adorable with little earrings in her cute little ears! :-) Our dd is now 4 and loves her earrings.

Am having a second dd soon and plan to pierce her ears at 4-6 wks.

If any moms would like our ped’s tips, write me an e-mail.