4 going on 40

Doesn’t Gabe look like a little man in these pictures? Gabe’s cousin Jackson is kind enough to share his hand me downs with Gabe. Well, I should actually say that my sister Kim is kind enough to share. Gabe is always very excited when a package comes and even more excited to wear all of his cousins’ old clothes. Last week he inherited this suit jacket, and he has been hooked. I had to convince him the other day not to wear it with his sweat pants to play outside and that he should reserve it for special occasions. Oh that little Gabe is such a character. Here is more of what he is up to:

  • Gabe is the best big brother. He is always concerned about Miriam and lets me know all day what she needs, and he tells me what to do when she is upset. “Mommy, Miriam needs you. ┬áCome pick her up!”
  • Gabe is still so happy at preschool.
  • Gabe is always telling us that he loves us. It always warms my heart when he announces his love for me totally out the blue.
  • Gabe is as always a persistent little bugger. Transitions can still be really hard for him.
  • Gabe adds lots of spice to our lives. We love him so much!
adrienne w - December 3, 2011 - 8:40 am

Aw, so cute. I know he looks a lot like Chris, but in the second picture, I can totally see you! What a little sweetie.