Miriam at 10 1/2 months old in her adorable headband from Pink and Pigtails. Check out all of their adorable headbands on etsy!

Miriam is growing and changing so much. Here is what she is up to lately:

  • She is cruising all over the furniture, crawling, and climbing.
  • Out of all 3 kids, she has been the most interested in food as  a baby. She loves squash and pears.
  • Speaking of pears, today she threw her first real fit. I gave her a pear on the way out of the grocery store to gnaw on, and when I took it away from her, she screamed her head off. I broke off a small piece and handed it to her, and she threw it in the air and screamed. I handed her the whole pear back and she was content. Sofia and Gabe were both fiesty and opinionated from a young age on, so I supposed it was expected (definitely not my genes:)).
  • Miriam has been sleeping in her own room for a week now. I love sleeping with my babies, but as they get older, I don’t love it as much. Miriam doesn’t use a pacifier, so she was essentially trying to use my boobs as a pacifier at night (she wasn’t doing this before), which was making me grumpy from my lack of sleep. The first couple of nights in her own room were really rough for everyone,but things are getting much better.  Sleep my friend, oh how I have missed you!
  • We have left Miriam with a babysitter a couple of more times without very much luck. The sweet sisters who watched her the last time finally called their mom to come and put her to sleep after listening to her cry. We are determined to go on dates, so hopefully sweet Miriam will catch on to the fun of babysitters sooner than later.
  • Miriam is my tallest baby yet. I haven’t taken her to the Dr for awhile, but she has to weigh at least 25 pounds now. She wears anywhere from 12 mo-24 month clothes.
  • We are all so in love with this baby, and she has brought our family so much joy!
Belinda - November 29, 2011 - 5:10 am

Beautiful picture. You are amazing.