Hello Friends. Anyone out there still? Yikes, my blog turned pathetic real fast. Life has been crazy lately, and something has to give right now, so unfortunately.. that thing has been blogging. Chris has more studio pictures of the kids on one of his memory cards, so whenever we track those down, there will be more pictures coming.

So much to catch up on, so why don’t I start with something simple and fabulous. A week ago, my lovely friend Cherie and I headed up to Portland to see Ingrid Michaelson. In case I didn’t make it clear in this post, I pretty much adore Ingrid. Like, the lady’s music seriously helped me get through labor, and I kind of wish that I sang exactly like her. Not to mention the fact that she is so down to earth and funny.  I warned/kidded with Cherie that if given the chance, I would jump onto stage with Ingrid. Well little did I know, she did have 2 random audience members come onto stage to sing “Chain” with her, but alas, I guess that I didn’t jump high enough or yell loud enough for her to notice me. Oh well, maybe next time. The concert was at the Douglas Fir Lounge, and I had never been to such an intimate concert. There were maybe 200 people there, and it was just amazing. Ingrid is even more amazing in real life than she recorded, and that is rare for an artist. Cherie and I had a fabulous kid free night (which was huge for me since I am still nursing), and I envision more nights like this to come!

If you don’t know Ingrid’s Music, try listening to some of my faves to get to know her:

Chain, Giving Up, Everybody, You and I, The Way I Am, Highway, Breakable, Ghost, morning lullabies, Winter Song, Do it Now, etc…..

I snagged these pictures from Cherie.

adrienne w - February 9, 2012 - 3:04 pm

So glad you’re back! I’ve missed you! That would be an amazing concert! I enjoy her, very much and I will have to check out ALL the songs you listed.