Chris got me an Ipad a couple of months ago, and I am really liking it. I am usually a little reluctant to embrace technology, but it really has been useful in many ways. Here are some ways that I use it:
*The kids and I were watching a funny video clip. One of the biggest reasons that I was hesitant to get one was, because I don’t want to deal with power struggles with my kids wanting to play games on it. I occasionally will let me kids do coloring on it, but we have been able to find a good balance so far.
*Chris got me a wireless keyboard, so I can sit at my desk to do google documents.
*I have used it in the car to listen to music
*I take it to work with me to play music and to read my notes.
*I use it to teach Sunday School.
*If I need to look up a recipe, I just take the ipad into the kitchen with me.
*If we are outside playing, I have been taking it outside to play pandora while we are outside.
*Then there is all of the normal internet stuff that I use it for. Paying bills, amazon etc…
*I was using the weight watchers app
Do any of you have ipads? What do you use it for the most?
adrienne w - May 16, 2012 - 10:29 am

So you got one! We tend to have power struggles over it with the kids, but some things are so worth it. I love it to take to church and I’ve used it for singing time. I read my scriptures on it. There are lots of fun educational games on it for the kids as well. One of my favorite apps is the church’s Bible Videos app. Amazing! It is very cool. Vienna loves to watch the “Jesus videos” on it, but it also has some interactive exploring to teach of about biblical terms, customs and interesting things like that. You’ll have to tell me your favorite apps.