The Many Faces of Sofia



Sofia caught with her grumpy face.


Silly Sofia. This is the version of Sofia we have been seeing a lot lately.


Cutie pie Sofia. 

Big sister and toothless Sofia.

These pictures make me smile, because I love this little girl so much. Here is the scoop on Sofia.

*We love having her home during the summer. I honestly don’t know how I will send her back to school at the end of the summer.

*She loves for me to read to her books by the Barefoot Publisher. They have many tales, and she loves a good story.

*I have been having the kids spend their own money more on things, and she really gives thought to how much something costs and whether or not it is worth her hard earned money.

*She is silly. Like really silly. I feel like she is really experimenting lately to figure out how to converse and talk with adults. She likes be a part of adult conversation, but she often doesn’t know what to say or how to be apart, so she usually just says something a little awkward that makes no sense while the adult looks at her with a confused look. Don’t worry Sofia, I still feel pretty awkward sometimes when I talk to adults :).

*She is very curious and always has questions about everything. She was wanting to know more the other day about periods and what they are all about. Yikes… with how many questions she asks, I guess that I need to start thinking about answers to questions.

*When Miriam tries to say Sofia, it comes out sounding like “Salsa.” Sofia thinks that it is so funny, and encourages it. She is such a great big sister.

*We got asked to do a musical number in the Spanish branch on Sunday, and Sofia did her best to sing along and read the words to “Las Familias Puedan Ser Eternas.”

*This could be a whole different post, but Sofia has a hard time wanting to try things that seem scary or hard for her. She doesn’t want to go back to gymnastics because it was  “too hard.” She doesn’t want to swim lessons again, because they were “too hard.” We are really trying to focus on process and let her know that trying is the most important thing. It is hard to know when to give her a little push and when to just respect her wishes. On one of our hikes recently, she was whining a lot (like a lot lot), and we kept encouraging her (even thought we were getting super frustrated with her whining)  and insisted that she finish, and then we made sure at the end to talk about how good it feels to try hard and to reach the top.

Do any of you have kids with similar personalities? Any tips?

*Sofia got her haircut and she had the idea for having bangs and the style. I think that she looks pretty adorable.

That’s all I can think of right now. I am proud to be this girl’s mama.




sharon becerra - July 31, 2012 - 8:07 am

Looooove the haircut and sweet Sofia too. I am proud to be her grandma:)

Grandpa Olsen - July 31, 2012 - 7:40 pm

sofia is a great granddaughter sister ,and daughter. we love to see her as a big sister because she is so concerned for her brother and sister. She always ask “what does that mean” when she doesn’t understand something. This is going to help her know many things for a young girl.We are all so blessed to have sofia in our lives.

love you girl Grand ma and grandpa Olsen

kara - August 1, 2012 - 10:04 pm

Thanks for the Sofia love grandparents :)