Gabe Update

Gabe has become quite the chicken whisperer. If the chickens are out, he is really the only one in the family that is speedy at catching them. He is also really into collecting eggs as well. So much so, that he will sit and watch (and sometimes yell for her to hurry up) the hen laying an egg so that he can collect the egg when she is done with her business. I have to remind him that the hens may like their privacy when laying eggs just like he does when he goes to the bathroom. 

Throwing a pullet back into the coop.

Oh Gabe. You are such a little cutie pie. Here is a little bit of what Gabe has been up to this summer:

  • He loves riding his bike. He is getting really good at riding, but he could use a little more focus. Gabe is a “head in the clouds” kind of kid, and this happens when he is riding his bike as well. Chris has caught him closing his eyes while riding his bike. I think that we are going to have to stick to around the neighborhood bike rides until we feel like he can concentrate a little more and  be  a little safer.  Gabe crashes sometimes, but he always hops on and keeps going.
  • Gabe is also, as usual, really into tales like Sofia.  As Sofia is learning to read more, he is showing more interest in letters and their sounds.
  • Gabe will be 5 in October, and I feel so grateful that I get another year with him at home.
  • Gabe is always scheming. It is not uncommon for him to wet the bed at night. He wet the bed last night and ended up sleeping on the chair in our room so tonight he says, “Mom, if I pee in my pants again tonight, will that mean that I get to sleep with you again?” Little stinker. I guess there will be a day when he won’t scheme having an accident to spend more time with me, but I assured him that he wouldn’t have an accident tonight.
  • Gabe can be very sensitive, and he in general plays really well with other kids. He does have a teasing side where he sometimes likes to push other kids buttons. He will say things like “You are a little kid” to a kid just barely younger than him, and most of you moms have probably witnessed how kids react when they are called a baby or little kid. I’ve tried working with Gabe on understanding that kids won’t want to play with him if he teases, but I suppose he will start feeling the natural consequences eventually. Any tips for the adorable but sometimes pesky little brother?
  • I sometimes wish that we could afford Waldorf school for Gabe. I think that he would love it. On our long drives this summer, he could be overheard putting on little plays with pencils or anything else that he could use as characters. He still has quite the imagination.
  • Gabe is the first one to volunteer to pray.

We love you so much Gabe. I love our snuggle time and the excitement on your face and in your voice when you are telling me about something that you are excited about. You have an amazing spirit and zest for life.

Grandma Olsen - August 8, 2012 - 7:29 pm

Gabe is a very sweet boy, so creative and fun. We love our Gabe. Grandma and Grandpa Olsen

sharon becerra - August 9, 2012 - 12:14 pm

Ditto Grandma and Grandpa Olsen! We are so blessed to have these wonderful grandkiddos in our lives:)

Sara - August 16, 2012 - 8:37 pm

Gabe cracks me up! Every time I am around him he makes me smile. I love his personality!! :)