Gabe turns 5

Since it is obvious that I am not finding time to blog, I thought that I should at least try to document important events… like the celebration of Gabe’s 5th birthday.

These pictures of Gabe just warm a mama’s heart, because he just looks so joyful looking around at all of the family who is there to celebrate him. He is so very loved, and I hope that he always looks around and knows that he has many people who love and support him.

Here are some thoughts on Gabe at age 5:

  • He is really into comic books and loves having Chris read them to him.
  • He is in gymnastics still, and he is doing really well with it.
  • He is such a little snuggle bug. He loves to come and snuggle in our bed early in the morning.
  • He also as always has a mischievous side. He definitely likes to tease and be a pest to his sisters at times. For example, the other day he walked up to Sofia and said, “Sofia, I’m really really sorry to tell you this, but Daddy let me have some more of his birthday cake earlier while you were at school.” He can be a little stinker at times, but good thing we love him so much.
  • He really dislikes avocados and bananas, and he will probably tell you that if you talk with him for any amount of extended time.
  • Gabe is a unique individual, and there is definitely only one of him in this world. He is very sincere. On Chris’ b-day, we were all going around and saying what we love about Chris, and he looked at Chris and said, “I love Daddy, because I feel that he is special.” The sincerity in the way the the said it was very tender.
  • We love Gabe so much, and I am really enjoying this last year with him before he starts kindergarten.