My friend Cherie took this cute picture at the pumpkin patch.

Miriam… the little sister who gets dragged around to her siblings stuff. This day she was not happy about being out in the cold.


Miriam is just too cute right now. I ¬†need to post about what she’s been up to:

*Still every person who finds out how old she is comments on how much older she looks. I think she may get this for the rest of her life :).

*She is so cute sometimes, I almost can’t handle the cuteness. I have had to confirm with Chris if she really is as adorable and hilarious as I think that she is, and he confirms that she is. He isn’t biased or anything either :).

*Her vocabulary is exploding, and pretty much every new thing she says makes us all laugh.

*Life with a toddler is so interesting. I feel like things that are supposed to be fun many times aren’t when a toddler is involved. We took the kids to storybook land, and while Sofia and Gabe loved it and wanted to take their time, we had to rush through with a screaming toddler. It’s the same when we all go swimming. Miriam is crying and cold after 30 minutes and the older kids are just getting warmed up. On the flip side, the ordinary becomes magical and wonderful ¬†with a toddler. Every new thing she sees for the first time is just beautiful and magical. I feel so grateful that I am the one who gets to share the magic with her every day.

*She has the dance moves in the family. We need to film it more, but she really can shake her booty and has some soul.

Miriam, you add so much joy and laughter to our lives. I think that you get a million kisses a day.

kelsey - December 18, 2012 - 4:25 pm

she is so seriously cute!!

Kelly - December 18, 2012 - 6:36 pm

That last face reminds me so much of Gabe!