Sledding and Klamath Falls

The day after Christmas, we headed down south by Crater Lake for some sledding with Grandparents and cousins. My kids haven’t done very much sledding, so it was so fun! I honestly don’t have the very best memories of sledding from when I grew up, because I remember wearing jeans to sled. Brr…Grandpa was great about taking all of the little kids for sled rides. We are so happy that our kids get to spend good time with grandparents. We don’t get to see them as often as we would like to, but we will take any time we get with them!

The rest of the time in Klamath was spent swimming, hanging out with cousins, and my mom and I cooking up a storm. Oh yes, and my mom attempted tot teach me how to sew. I made cloth napkins. Sewing a straight line isn’t as easy as a looks. Oh well… poco a poco I guess. We got to go and spend time with my dear dear friend Sarabeth and visit with her family and 4 kids. Oh I love you so much Sarabeth. I wish that we would have had a camera!! Jenny Pine headed over with her sweet baby Owen to pay us a visit at my parent house:
I was so blessed to grow up with such wonderful friends. Sarabeth and Jenny were my very best friends from elementary on.

Sofia and Ellie may have beadhead, but I think that they shine in my sisters prom dresses from the late 80s.

The last highlight was going to see Les Miserable with Scott and Jaime. I was doubtful as to whether or not I would like the movie, but it was incredible. It was touching, and I think most people in the theater were having a good cry fest.




Angie - January 9, 2013 - 9:31 pm

Love all the new blog posts! Especially the pics of you and Jen!! You two are STUNNING!