Miriam’s Birthday

Miriam is such a happy girl most of the time.Our friend Audra is one of Miriam’s very favorite people in the whole world. Audra is probably the first non parent person that Miriam really attached to.Homemade German chocolate cake. It was pretty yummy I must say :).Gabe sending Miriam his concentration energy for her to be able to open her present. Fine motor skill practice.Miriam and Molly. Good thing we have lots of baby dolls at our house, enough to keep the few little girls that were over happy.

Miriam turned 2 on January 19th. This was a pretty special birthday. Sofia and Gabe talked and talked to Miriam beforehand of what her birthday would be like. They even taught her to sing the Happy Birthday song which includes some cha cha chas in the song :). Miriam was so happy on her birthday. Chris’ parents came to celebrate, and a couple of friends came over for lunch. Here are some milestones for Miriam at 2:

  • Like most toddlers, sometimes she is a great eater, and sometimes she is more on the picky side. When I make something that she really likes, after every bite she says. “Mmm… this good mommy.”
  • She used to want to have me sing 3 0r 4 songs before bed time. I have passed the torch on to Sofia, and Miriam seems to be just as happy having Sofia sing to her.
  • She talks so much. Oh my gosh, her language has exploded so much in the last month. She is very good at expressing herself, and she has even started to sing some songs.
  • She is a bit of  a tease. She is a friendly little gal, but it has to be on her terms. If she decides to go up to someone and do a little dance in front of them or sit on their laps, sometimes people get their hopes up thinking she will always be friendly with them. There have been many times when she starts crying when someone tries picking her up, even though she came up to them 5 minutes before and wanted to sit on their lap. Her social friendliness really does have to be on her terms. Her way or the highway.
  • She uses humor all of the time. She will do anything for a laugh, and being the youngest, there is usually an audience to laugh along with her. Her dance moves are quite superb for her age, with her emphasis being in the upper body.
  • She does not always play perfectly with other kids her age, but she is stating to do a little better.
  • We can finally leave her in nursery or with a friend/babysitter without tears.
  • She can still wear some size 2t but is moving on to 3t clothes. Everyone thinks that she is still very surprised when they find out how young she is.
  • She is a light in our lives. I can’t even explain the joy she brings to each member of our family. It isn’t such a bad deal being the younger sister. (I can attest to this as I was the younger sister :).