The weather has been great lately. One day after school, we headed over to Jackson Frazier Wetland for a quick family walk. As I went through pictures the other day, I realized something that is coming to pass that I had hoped to prevent. When I was little, I was (well most of my siblings and I were) a total rag-a-muffin. In most of my pictures from my childhood, I can’t but help but think why my mother let me go prancing around with high waters and my disorderly¬† hair. I basically look like a rag-a-muffin in most of my pictures. When I imagined my own children, I imagined girls with tight little pig tails and clean neat clothes.

Well here I sit today, the mother of 3 adorable and precious rag-a-muffin children. How did I let this happen. Well, I think that one part of producing rag-a-muffin children is to let them dress themselves. It is hard at first to let your kids dress themselves, but once you get used to it, it makes life so much easier. No power struggles, and our kids get to express their fashion and style (or maybe lack there-of) at an early age. Another ingredient in producing rag-a-muffin children is to let them play outside to there heart’s content in a muddy region of the country. If my kids are super super dirty, they change clothes, but in the chaos of life, I can say that I have been the mom in the store with a really dirty kid on many occasions. I think that my kids look like childhood. They may be rag-a-muffins, but they are so sweet and happy. I’m so grateful for these little kiddos of mine.

I haven’t written an update for a long time, so I just want to write down a few things about each kid while I am thinking about them.


  • Gabe is growing so much physically and as a person. His pants are getting shorter on him, and with each inch he grows, he becomes a better listener. Chris and I are both amazed at how much better he is doing at listening. He still has his moments, but overall, he has grown so much in this area in the last few months.
  • Now that the weather is getting nicer, Gabe is back to swinging and tree climbing. Today I could hear him outside swinging and belting out “Puff the Magic Dragon.” Such a cutie.
  • Gabe for awhile was getting in trouble a little bit at preschool. What was the problem you may ask? Was he having a problem or fighting with another child you may ask? Why no, just the exact opposite. Him and his little cute friend Ireina love each other so much that the teacher has a hard time of keeping them from hugging and being silly together. I am most definitely not the kind of parent to promote young love, but those two are so funny. I finally compromised with Gabe and told him that he could give her a huge hug at the beginning of preschool and one of the end, but that during class, they need to keep their hands to themselves and listen to the teacher. So far it has actually been working. My friend Meredith said that Ireina went up and tried to hug Gabe, and Gabe said that it wasn’t time for a hug. Haa..such a silly boy.
  • Gabe definitely tries his best to be a picky eater. Gabe has many healthy foods that he is willing to eat, but he is also attempting to add more and more things to the list that he doesn’t like. I keep hoping that if I keep introducing the foods that he will eventually get over his picky ways. At this point, he would be happy if he could live off of apples, but man can not live off of apples alone.


  • Miriam loves loves our friend and her sometimes babysitter Lupe. Tonight she said, “Mom, I want to stay the night at Lupe’s house.” This is her first formal request to stay the night at someone’s house.
  • Almost any time music is turned on with a good beat, Miriam suddenly gets a very serious look on her face, distances herself from the rest of us, and twirls and dances.
  • Miriam loves hard. When she decides that she loves someone, it is hard to separate her from her beloved.
  • Miriam is talking an insane amount. Did my other kids talk this much at her age? I think they did, but it just blows me away how much she is learning.
  • She is a mama’s girl right now. She used to be just fine with Chris, but she is having a much harder time now when I leave her.
  • She is trying to give up naps. After weeks of trying, I have given up on her staying in her bed. If I try for 1.5 hours, I can get her down for a nap, but I honestly don’t have that kind of time to devote to her naps. She almost always falls asleep in the car at some point each day, so she is usually at least getting something in.
  • Miriam is intense. She is so happy and precious one moment one screaming and delirious the next. Chris and I definitely need to give each other breaks from her intensity right now.
  • Miriam is always making jokes, and even though she can test my sanity, my heart is so full of love for her.Sofia:
  • Sofia got reading glasses. She was on the border of needing them, but we were told that we can help slow the process of strain on her eyes if she uses them for reading.
  • Sofia loves loves having glasses. So much, in fact, that they have made her love for reading explode. Since she can only wear them for reading, she wants to read any chance she can. She reads in bed in the morning, and reads at night before she goes to bed, and often on the way to school. It makes me heart happy, not because she is a strong reader, but because she loves books so much.
  • Sofia got a happy note from her teacher the other day saying how sweet and thoughtful she was during their conversation about “The Lorax.” I asked Sofia later about what she said, and she said, “Oh, I just talked about the movie that you and Daddy saw¬† (chasing ice), and how the glaciers are melting and may cause more floods and how we need to take care of the earth.” She is really such a thoughtful little girl.
  • Sofia is silly. I think that she is experimenting at school with how much silliness she can get away with before she gets in trouble. She’s just trying to figure out how she wants to show up in the world.
  • Sofia really does have a heart of gold. I am so happy to be her mama.

That’s my update for now!

Anita - March 15, 2013 - 7:02 pm

Oh I love this! We definitely had the rag-a-muffin look to us growing up too. Pax’s face during his birthday party was covered with dirt the whole time! It is definitely hard for me to let the kiddos choose what they where, but totally worth not having power struggles over it. Can’t wait to see the boys, wish the girls were coming too!