Ode to Audra

Friends seem to come and go a lot in this place where we live. It is never easy when good friends move. Our good friends, the Harveys, are getting ready to move later this week. I think that I am in denial that they are leaving. Audra has become such a good friend over the last few years that they have lived in Corvallis. Miriam is especially in love with Audra, and I really love her whole family. Audra has many qualities that I adore. She is a loyal friend, silly, funny, funky, and I love talking to her about anything and everything. She is a friend that I can call in a pinch, and she is always there for me. Oh Audra, you really will be missed friend. I think that even Chris was a little teary eyed yesterday when we talked about the Harveys leaving, and so am I as write this. We love you Harveys. We will miss you guys so much.

Audra - April 15, 2013 - 9:25 am

Oh Kara the picture of us gets me every time I see it! I wish i was an eloquent writer because there is so much I want to express! Thank you for our friendship. Thank you for being there wether I am up or down. Thank you for your kind words and for letting me borrow your children ;-).Being part of your life has been wonderful! Kara I love you guys so much and will miss you all. Instead of bye I will just say see you for vacation next summer my friend!