Business in the front… party in the back!

I’ve heard story after story of little girls who go a little wild with scissors on their hair. I smile and chuckle a little when I see the cute little pixie cuts or crazy short bangs. Sofia never cut her hair. She did cut a big chunk of our friend Marianne’s hair, but Marianne has enough to spare that you couldn’t really notice (sorry about that Marianne).

Anyone who knows Miriam well, know she is quite the sassy little gal. Always walking around with her hands on her hips, I’d say she is definitely a confident little girl. When Sofia screamed for us to come to their room, I could tell by the tone that she wasn’t messing around. Chris and I ran downstairs, and walked into piles of Miriam’s hair and a little proud and sneaky smirk on Miriam’s face. Hair was everywhere. I am convinced that the only reason that she didn’t cut it all of was because she couldn’t reach it all. In the moment, we probably did the completely wrong thing, we laughed. It was either laugh or cry, and for some reason the laughter just came. We have since given her many talks about how only moms and dads can cut kid’s hair. And to think that she did this all with kid scissors. Who knew those little dollar store scissors have such power? We took her to get it “fixed” and we were told by the hair dresser that she would do the best that she could with a hesitant voice. I just had to document this as I’m sure that it will someday be quite amusing. Here are a few things that I learned from this experience:

  1. I really can’t stand a mullet. Any hair cut is better than a mullet.
  2. It is possible to hate a mullet but be absolutely in love with the person sporting a mullet.
  3. This served as a reminder (that I’m 1oo% positive will not be the last) that our children are not here to make us look like awesome parents. They have their own distinct personalities, and boy oh boy do they like to let them shine through. Each of my kids is so very different.
  4. Keep even the kid scissors away from Miriam for awhile.
  5. A good reminder that hair grows back. A month later, her hair still looks pretty funny and choppy, (although a bit better) but it is growing on us. This short and sassy hair do is pretty fitting for our sassy girl.
Wendy M. - July 11, 2013 - 7:14 am

She’s completely adorable, no matter her hairstyle! (Oh, and while I’m quite sympathetic, I’d like to point out that Allison had barely grown any hair by the time she was Miriam’s age. :-)