Crescent City/Redwoods

We just got back from a family reunion in Crescent City. Chris had a bad fever most of the time we were gone, so that put a funk in our family time, but luckily the kids were in cousin heaven and too into play to care about seeing us much! The house we stayed at was amazing. We were close to the redwoods, beach, and we even had our own private pond with a canoe. Here are some photos of things to remember from our trip! I will split the photos up into a couple of posts.

On the way to California, we stayed at Motel del Rogue on the Rogue River. Chris was super sick at this point, and the air was so smokey from forest fires, that we couldn’t go outside very much. The kids were cooped up and acting pretty naughty. At this point in the trip I thought to myself, “It’s not too late to go back home is it?” But we forged ahead, and I’m glad that we did.

Sofia seeing Lita for the first time in a few years.

I love this picture so much!

Anyone who knows Carlos well will appreciate this picture. This is Carlos’ reaction when he thinks that all of the food is gone :).

Getting the kids to bed was tricky at such a full house. We usually resorted to a movie way past their bed time to calm them down. Now that we are home, I am looking forward to earlier bed times!

The whole family!

Jeremy and Kelsey’s family.