Bald Hill Birthday

I celebrated my 32nd birthday last week. I had to work most of the day on my birthday, so I told Chris that we should go on a hike the night before. Well just because life doesn’t always work how we want it to, we decided to forego the hike the night before, because my kids were being naughty naughty. Somedays being a parent is just really hard. Early bed time sounded much better than a long whiny hike. ┬áLuckily, we woke up on my birthday morning with everyone in good moods, so we took advantage with an early morning hike. It was lovely, and Chris and the kids did things all day long to make me feel special. I honestly don’t care that much about my birthdays, but I must say that having small kids is so fun on birthdays. They have so much fun doing things for people on their birthdays, that it is hard not to be happy. ┬áLife has been crazy as usual, so I will just spit out some of my most random thoughts right now:

  • Work is still going well. I have been teaching cooking classes in the garden. It still can feel hard to balance everything sometimes, but how many people get to work teaching in a garden in the summer? Pretty awesome.
  • I realize that the header photo on my blog is as old as my blog. I keep waiting to find the perfect replacement picture, but none seem to be perfect. Maybe it is that letting go of this picture on my blog feels like I am letting go of a life stage that I loved so much (refer to my sappy previous post “To Procreate or Not to Procreate”).
  • Friends keep moving away. Audra a couple of months ago, Meredith a few weeks ago, and Anne. Friends who leave always hold a special place in my heart. Now I will be happy if no more friends leave for awhile. Thank you very much! Speaking of friends, thanks to the friends who have stuck with me over the last few months. I have been pretty focused on my own family trying to find balance, so thanks for not forgetting about me!
  • Although life isn’t perfect, I would be ungrateful if I didn’t acknowledge how blessed I am. Life can certainly be hectic, but sometimes I stop and think, “How did I get this lucky?” To think that my kids are born into this country with all of the opportunity in the world when so many people in our world have so little. I really believe that where much is given, much is required, so I really hope that I am doing good with all that I’ve been given.
  • I have goals to become a more assertive person. I think that I can be assertive in general, but when I am in the moment of conflict or frustration, I usually choose to be passive and then regret it later. So don’t be surprised if you see a sassier Kara in the years to come. Or at least I hope so!
  • I love my kids a lot, and they are good kids. They can be little stinkers who fight, whine, and don’t listen at times, but they really overall are great/happy kids. I am constantly thinking of how we can teach them, and I am really feeling like we need to teach them the importance of earning money and buying their own things. I feel like it can be hard not to spoil kids, and I need to seek inspiration on how to teach my kids better.
  • Year 11 was for sure not the easiest year of marriage for us, but now that we’ve been overcome some hardships, I have to say that my love continues to deepen for Chris. He sometimes still seems like a foreign alien to me and how I like to do things, but I sure to do love him. He is fiercely loyal to his family, and he really is my best f friend. We have the same ultimate priorities and goals, but we often have different ideas of how to arrive at our goals. We have to remind each other sometimes that we are on the same team.