Gabe is 6

Tomorrow is Gabe’s 6th birthday. Gabe has grown so much in so many ways over the last few months. I just love this kid so much. Here are some important things about Gabe right now:

  • He loves Kindergarten a lot. I have to admit that I worried a bit about how he would adjust/behave at school. He is a good boy, but once his sillies get turned on with certain kids, it can be hard to turn them off. One of his teachers told me that he is doing amazingly well and that he even helps all of the other kids at his table. Yeah for him loving school!
  • Gabe started gymnastic classes a month ago, and he is loving them a lot. He is starting to work on a hand stand, and he is always amazing me with how he can move his little body.
  • He can still be found swinging or jumping on our bed much of the time that he is at home.
  • He loves listening to books on cd with Sofia.
  • He is really into drawing lately. He likes to take the Piggie and Elephant books and practice drawing all of the pictures and writing the text.
  • He has been doing such a better job with listening lately. He will often times do things upon the first request lately, and that was not the case a few months ago. Like I said, this little guy is growing and blossoming.
  • He still likes to spend some of his time teasing his sisters. Wedged in between two girls, he ┬áhas mastered pushing each of their buttons.
  • Gabe loves to sing. He is my child who is most likely to sing a long to a song with me. His little singing voice melts my heart.

We love you Gabe!!