Even though I dressed up as Mary Poppins for Halloween tonight who is practically perfect in every way, I am daily reminded of my many imperfections, especially as a parent. I really do love that Mary Poppins. Stern with boundaries with just the right balance of affection and fun. I am a person who is really hard on myself. Watching this video made me pretty much sob the first time I watched it. It is a sweet , but not necessarily sob worthy, but it just hit me in the heart. I really need to give myself a break. I do not have to be a perfect mom. My kids are their own people, and every success is not because of me just as every struggle they go through is not my fault either. With all of my weaknesses, I just hope when my kids look back on their childhoods, they will know how much I love them. I don’t always say the right thing in person, but I hope that when my kids come back and read this blog someday, they will know with confidence that they are so loved.

Because I often focus on the negative with my mothering, I thought that I would write a few things that I know that I am doing well:

  • I really am trying to understand and know each child so that I can parent to their different temperaments.
  • I love hugging and snuggling my kiddos and telling them that I love them every day.
  • I really try to teach my kids to be kind and loving to other people.
  • I love reading to my kids. Gabe’s kindergarten teacher mentioned that it is really obvious from her experiences with Gabe and Sofia at school that we must do a ton of reading at our house. This is one thing that I know that I do well. My kids love a good story.
  • I try to make my home feel like the kind of place where my kids want to be. I try to think of details like colors and what kind of music to play to set the tone we need.

I challenge anyone reading this to leave a comment letting me know a few things that you know that you are doing well. Take a few minutes to watch this sweet video clip too!