Sofia is 8!!

Sofia is 8 tomorrow. It is going to be such a great weekend of celebrating this sweet little gal. She has her birthday tomorrow with just a family dinner,friend  birthday party on Friday , and baptism on Saturday. Grandparents and several friends will be coming to her baptism on Saturday, and I hope she feels very loved this weekend! Here are some thoughts about Sofia at 8:

  • I would say that reading is her biggest passion right now. She sometimes gets in trouble for sneaking reading while she should be doing other things. She is really into Harry Potter right now, and she still likes the American Girl books as well. She loves getting book recommendations from her friends.
  • Sofia is a great big sister. She may have more patience with Miriam’s sassiness than anyone else.
  • Sofia loves being silly with Gabe and other kids. I didn’t realize how silly age 7+ kids are. It’s like she is trying to figure out how she wants to show up in the world, so there is a lot of experimenting with humor.
  • Sofia’s teachers said in her conference that she is very emotionally intelligent. She is very sensitive and aware of her surroundings. One of her teachers said that she will take class conversation to a deeper level with her questions and thoughts. Of course, being very sensitive comes with its’ hard things too. She has had some stress and anxiety at school this year, because she internalizes everything SO much. We are really trying to brainstorm with her teachers and each other of how we can help her enjoy her school year.
  • Sofia really is good at going with the flow most of the time.
  • Probably her favorite thing in the world would be to spend time with her cousins. She just lights up and is so happy when she gets to spend time with cousins.

Oh Sofia, we truly love you so much. It hasn’t been an easy last few months for you in some ways, but I hope you know that we will always be here to love and support you. Sometimes I’m not sure you realize what a special and beautiful spirit you are. You are such a good kid, and I feel honored to be your mom!

sharon - November 11, 2013 - 8:28 pm

Sweet Sofia! These pictures capture so much of the tender-hearted goodness in sweet Sofia:) Love ya