Sofia really loves the show “Chopped.” I had never heard of it until I watched it with her, but it is a cooking competition where the contestants are all given certain ingredients that they have to use creatively. The food is judged by fancy chef judges, and the loser of each round gets “chopped” until it ends with one winner. Last week we had the craziest snow I have ever experienced in my almost 10 years living here. We were getting pretty stir crazy after days of being stuck at home, so I decided that the kids would play chopped. I gave each kid the same ingredients to work with which were: blueberries, plain yogurt,almonds, and carrots. I told them that they could each choose an additional ingredient from the kitchen, and they also had access to any spices that they wanted. I had no idea of how into it the kids could get, and it was pretty adorable. We will for sure be playing this game again!

Sofia decided to juice her carrots and make a smoothie. Gabe wanted make a beautiful bread arrangement, and Miriam just wanted to combine all of her ingredients in a food processor and throw a piece of bread into all :).

sharon - February 13, 2014 - 5:37 pm

what a great idea!