I realized that I never wrote a birthday post for Miriam in January. So I will write a half birthday post since I am that far behind :). This blog has been asleep for quite awhile, and although I may have few readers, I still really want to take the time to document our life right now.
Here is a little bit about Miriam over the last few months:

  • Miriam loves to be muddy. Miriam loves to be naked. Miriam REALLY loves to be muddy AND naked. Where we live, there are almost daily opportunities to find mud, so Miriam loves to take full advantage. A free spirit she is.
  • She started preschool in April. And.. she loved it for the most part. She did have a hard time with the transition of me leaving her, but her teachers assured me that within a minute after me leaving, she was usually just fine.
  • Miriam is extremely verbal. She talks and talks and talks. The other day she let me know “I’m so proud of you mommy.” And.. “You’re the cutest mommy in the world!” I think that 3 really is one of the very best ages. They can listen a little more than a toddler (though not as well as I wish she would), and every thing that comes out of their mouth is funny.
  • She is sassy. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you haven’t been around Miriam very much. You know when she puts her hands on her hips and points her fingers, that she is going to let you have it. You think that we would have things down by child #3, but it is hard to know what to do when this little girl is a stinker at times.
  • She is also for the most part a joyous and happy girl. It is pretty easy to experience joy through this girl. She loves to sing , dance around with a very serious expression on her face, and make jokes.
  • Miriam loves to sing “Let it Go” (along with most other little kids) and she loves Ingrid Michaelson’s new song “Warpath.” Listen to that song if you want to get a feel for the sassiness level of this little girl. She loves her friends and cousins. She is a really good eater for the most part.
  • She has started going on short bike rides on the tag-a-long. It is her favorite thing to do in the world right now.
  • It is just amusing to try to imagine what she will be like when she is older. She has told us that she wants to be everything from a princess to an evil scientist when she grows up.

This little girl brings us all joy, and she is teaching me a whole lot about patience!!! Joy and patience are good things to learn in this life, so thanks for being my teacher Miriam!


Anita - July 5, 2014 - 6:19 pm

Love that 3 year old sas! wish we could see you guys this summer!!!! miss you