The Best Birthday Ever

I am usually not a huge birthday person. It usually doesn’t take much for me to have a good day on my birthday. As long as I have a good time with my fam and get to do fun things with them, I am usually good. Though I’m not one to have super high standards for my birthday, I am here to declare my 33rd birthday as my very best birthday ever. I am not sure I will ever experience a birthday this great again. And here is why my birthday was the best ever:

  • 6:30 am- I met Tonya for a run and hot tubbing. Tonya and I love to share our good music finds with each other, and Tony made me a special birthday playlist.
  • 8:30 am-My kids are excited to share their gifts with me. Miriam has of course already told me several times what she got me, because that is what 3 year olds do. The kids did a bird theme birthday. A bird mug for tea, a necklace, hummingbird cards, and a book. Sweet.
  • 9:00 am-Cherie shows up at my house. She has some delicious coconut treats for me (she knows me well). She then tells me to come outside. You can watch the video, but I will mention that I told Cherie a year or two ago that I really wanted us to all go up to bald hill to prancercise. Little did I know that dreams really do come true (I’m a really big dreamer, and obviously I have my priorities straight when it comes to dreaming folks:) ).


By the end of it all, I was in tears. I think sometimes as a mom you spend so much time doing for other people, so it felt pretty spectacular to know that I am loved. I should probably be embarrassed for how ridiculous I look dancing like a crazy woman, but well…. I’m not :).

  • 12:00 pm-After the party died down, my little family went and grabbed lunch at American Dream. on our way to Eugene.
  • 1:00 pm-Our first stop in Eugene was at Camas Country Mill. I will explain more about this in my next post., but I was able to pick out grains for our September challenge. If you know me, you know that whole food cooking/eating is something that I am very passionate about, so this was an exciting stop.
  • 2:00pm-We went to my sister Heather’s new house in Eugene. This was my first time seeing the house, and I am¬†really so happy for Heather. She is living in a mid-century modern delight. The house suits her so well. Heather got me a delicious cake as well. ¬†While at Heather’s house, my sister Kris texted to let me know that she got us tickets to see Brandi Carlile!! I love Brandi Carlile, so I am so excited to go with her!! If you don’t listen to Brandi, you should (I am on first name basis with her.. so she’s just Brandi to me you know :).
  • We headed back to Corvallis and decided to go for an evening family swim.

Other highlights: A thoughtful gift from Leonne and other cards and calls from people I love a lot. A couple of days before my birthday, my visiting teachers also spoiled me. Adrienne took me out to dinner the night after my birthday. Seriously people… I was not joking… it truly was the best birthday ever. I hope to birthdays more special for people I love. What would your birthday dream be? If not prancercising, then what :)???