5 minute salsa

Most of our meals this month will not be that exciting. Many of the meals I will be making will take a lot of extra prep, so we will definitely also be eating a lot of scrambled eggs this month. Scrambled eggs are something that Sofia can make as well, so it will be fun to have her help out with meals. Our chickens are producing a lot of eggs these days, so we have enough to keep us covered for the month. September is also a wonderful melon month in Corvallis. i usually buy my melons down the street at Twedts farm stand. I am usually pretty happy with the melons at Twedts, but I have been buying more melons this summer from “The Melon Shack” which is just a 1/2 mile from our house. I have to admit that even though they are so close, I had never bought their melons until my dear friend Betsy recommended them. On the day that Betsy was moving to Idaho almost a month ago, I asked her if there was one last favor that I could do for her. She asked me if I could get melons from The Melon Shack (sold also at farmer’s market). ¬†They really are consistently so delicious.

I also decided for lunch to bust out some quick salsa with our surplus tomatoes. I don’t have a lot of salsa making experience, so I made it up as I went. I threw about 10 roma tomatoes into my food processor, half of a jalapeno pepper. a couple of tablespoons of cilantro, some vinegar, a slice of onion, and a little salt. It turned out totally delicious, and I am now storing it in my fridge for the week. I apologize in advance for my lack of exact recipes. I just kind of do the trial and error method. If your salsa is too spicy, add more tomatoes. If it needs more flavor, add more salt and cilantro. If you want spicier.. add more jalapeno :). This is the kind of recipe that I follow. This is the kind of simple lunch that I could repeat over and over again and be happy!