Brandi Carlile

I am taking a break from my food posts to talk about something else very important to me… music. My sister Kris got me tickets to see Brandi Carlile singing with The Oregon Symphony. Brandi Carlile is someone I have wanted to see for a long time, and she didn’t disappoint. And having an amazing symphony behind you doesn’t hurt either!  I already love her version of “Hallelujah”, and having a symphony behind her during this song made it more beautiful than I could ever imagine. It seriously felt like a spiritual experience listening to her sing this song with the violins in the background. Music is one way that I most easily am moved and connect to God.

The thing that is so cool about Brandi is that her voice is completely 100% unique. If I were blindfolded and heard 100 singers, I could pick her her voice out singing any song. She does this wailing almost yodeling type thing with her voice that is so amazing.  For many, they would sound like a hurt cat trying to do what she does :), but she pulls it off so well! If you aren’t familiar with her music, I will give you homework of a few of my favorite songs!


Sorry in advance Chris that I will be listening to this music on repeat, and sorry if I do sound like a hurt cat trying to sing along:)