Chris is a huge fan of Disneyland. He grew up going often so he likes the idea of our family going often. I wouldn’t say that I am a Disney scrooge… but more like I just would rather spend vacation money on different trips. So Chris was very surprised when I suggested that we spontaneously go to Disneyland in November. The stars aligned and it was ¬†great to see Chris’ Grandma who lives in Southern California as well as be able to stop to see Jeremy and family both ways. Chris had to promise that he would not bring up Disneyland again for at least 4 years, which means that we can focus on other family trips. We had a great time, and it’s hard not to have a great time at Disneyland when your two older kids literally skip miles around the park holding hands and when your 3 year old is a dare devil and wants to go on every single ride (and just happens to be tall enough too). Since we decided to go on the trip just days before, it was so fun to pick the kids up from school one day and announce that we were leaving right that second for Disneyland. Fun memories!